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College Level Writing vs Casual Writing - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 368 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/09/18 Category Education Essay Type Compare and contrast essay Did you like this example? College Level Writing Vs Casual Writing College level writing is expected to be clear and to the point. Often it is expected to cite supporting literature and conform to certain other content and format requirements. College level writing is more formal than most of your daily writing. Casual writing is writing as you go writing as you’d speak, rather than however you typically choose to portray yourself on paper. Casual writing, sentences must be short and direct. The formality of format and structure is gone. Writing is not my favorite thing to do unless it’s love letters or a daily journal. When it comes to writing a paper or an essay I’m not as excited or eager to write. I have some problem with writing a great paper or essay, such as, understanding the assignment and editing/proofreading the assignment. In order to understand the assignment more I will underline or highlight the questions I need to address in my writing; circle keywords that empha size the type of writing that I will need to do, such as analyze, evaluate, propose, describe, identify, and so on. Ask the instructor about something I don’t understand or need to be clarified. Also, I will not wait until the assignment is due date is near to ask questions. When it comes to editing /proofreading I will read the paragraph from bottom to top and instead of reading the sentence from left to right I will read it from right to left. By doing this it will help me to slow down and consider each word separately. Then I will take a break from the paper because after working on the paper for a long period of time can affect the way I read the paper. I will read my paper out loud because this can help me catch both grammatical errors and awkward organization or development of ideas. Then I will have someone to read back out loud to me so that I will be able to tell what doesn’t make sense. I already know how to use the word processing software on a compute r so this will not be too big of a challenge for me. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "College Level Writing vs Casual Writing" essay for you Create order

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Dangerous Household Chemicals in Common Products

Many common household chemicals are dangerous. They may be reasonably safe when used as directed, yet contain toxic chemicals or degrade over time into a more dangerous chemical.   Dangerous Household Chemicals Heres a list of some of the most dangerous household chemicals, including the ingredients to watch for and the nature of the risk. Air Fresheners.  Air fresheners may contain any of a number of dangerous chemicals. Formaldehyde irritates the lungs and mucous membranes and may cause cancer. Petroleum distillates are flammable, irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs, and may cause fatal pulmonary edema in sensitive individuals. Some air fresheners contain p-dichlorobenzene, which is a toxic irritant. The aerosol propellants used in some products may be flammable and may cause nervous system damage if inhaled.Ammonia.  Ammonia is a volatile compound that can irritate the respiratory system and mucous membranes if inhaled, can cause a chemical burn if it is spilled on skin, and will react with chlorinated products (e.g., bleach) to produce deadly chloramine gas.Antifreeze.  Antifreeze is ethylene glycol, a chemical which is poisonous if swallowed. Breathing it can cause dizziness. Drinking antifreeze can cause serious brain, heart, kidney, and other internal organ damage. Ethylene glycol has a sweet flavor, so it is attractive to kids and pets. Antifreeze typically contains a chemical to make it taste bad, but the flavor is not always a sufficient deterrent. The sweet smell is enough to lure pets.Bleach.  Household bleach contains sodium hypochlorite, a chemical that can cause irritation and damage to the skin and respiratory system if inhaled or spilled on the skin. Never mix bleach with ammonia or with toilet bowl cleaners or drain cleaners, as dangerous and possibly deadly fumes may be produced.Drain Cleaners.  Drain cleaners typically contain lye (sodium hydroxide) or sulfuric acid. Either chemical is capable of causing an extremely serious chemical burn if splashed on the skin. They are toxic to drink. Splashing drain cleaner in the eyes may cause blindness.Laundry Detergent.  Laundry detergents contain a variety of chemicals. Ingestion of cationic agents may cause nausea, vomiting, convulsion, and coma. Non-ionic detergents are irritants. Many people experience chemical sensitivi ty to dyes and perfumes present in some detergents.Mothballs.  Mothballs are either p-dichlorobenzene or naphthalene. Both chemicals are toxic and known to cause dizziness, headaches, and irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Prolonged exposure can lead to liver damage and cataract formation.Motor Oil.  Exposure to the hydrocarbons in motor oil can cause cancer. Many people are unaware that motor oil contains heavy metals, which can damage the nervous system and other organ systems.Oven Cleaner.  The danger from oven cleaner depends on its composition. Some oven cleaners contain sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, which are extremely corrosive strong bases. These chemicals can be deadly if swallowed. They can cause chemical burns on the skin or in the lungs if the fumes are inhaled.Rat Poison.  Rat poisons (rodenticides) are less lethal than they used to be, but remain poisonous to people and pets. Most rodenticides contain warfarin, a chemical which cau ses internal bleeding if ingested.Windshield Wiper Fluid.  Wiper fluid is toxic if you drink it, plus some of the poisonous chemicals are absorbed through the  skin, so it is toxic to touch. Swallowing ethylene glycol can cause brain, heart, and kidney damage, and possibly death. Inhalation can cause dizziness. The methanol in wiper fluid can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or ingested. Methanol damages brain, liver, and kidneys and can cause blindness. The isopropyl alcohol acts as a central nervous system depressant, causing drowsiness, unconsciousness, and potentially death.​

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Capstone Report Management And Management - 2446 Words

CAPSTONE REPORT The Case of BobCo ADITYA DESHMANKAR MGMT 311 Introduction Bobco is a local firm who has clients in various foreign countries and lately FredCo is trying to acquire Bobco. However, FredCo is not confident to purchase Bobco because due its lack of knowledge management system. FredCo is multinational firm based in Taiwan and has more customers than Bobco. Also, once Bobco is acquired, some of its consultants may leave due to the relationship with the higher management. The management structure of both firms is different because Bobco has a self-ruled chain of command whilst FredCo has an open chain of command. It is important that managers evaluate staff based on the collective performances. Moreover, Bobco does not have a knowledge management system unlike Fredco who is using Lotus Domino from IBM. Leadership Management According to the management guru Peter Drucker (1909-2005), the basic task of management includes both marketing and innovation. Management has four main functions namely planning, leading, organizing and controlling. Planning consists of setting goals and establishing a plan to accomplish those goals. Organising is merely constructing a structure for the business and individual job. Leading is directing and motivating employees to achieve organizational goals. This is the valuable asset of the organisation is staff. However, to ensure employees work at their best, they need to be motivated since different peopleShow MoreRelatedStatus Report – Bu 2799 Business Management Capstone Project1216 Words   |  5 PagesStatus Report – BU 2799 Business Management Capstone Project BU 2799: Business Management Capstone Project Raymond Joseph (18598631) Dr. Mitchell ITT Technical Institute 23 February 2016 Status Report John Deere (Deere Company) Company Background and Business Model The items that I have completed for the Business Management Capstone Project as of February 23, 2016, include many components. First, I have included the name of the business that I will be discussing for the project. The nameRead MoreCapstone Test Plan1631 Words   |  7 Pages Test Plan CEN-TEX Networking Solutions Capstone Healthcare Family Summary This test plan document will describe the testing activities to be conducted as part of the Capstone Healthcare Modernization project at Capstone Healthcare. * Application compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7 * The validity of hands free application installation packages created by the team * The migration of user data and settings * The base Windows 7 images * The deployment process itself ObjectivesRead MoreA Study On Refining Organizational Training Essay951 Words   |  4 Pagesorganization. This capstone literature review plan focuses on refining organizational training research, demonstrating an understanding of current organizational environment and limitations, and how the capstone project can fit in the global context of training. II. Describe a plan to collect and organize literature that explains the history of the topic. This capstone project literature review will consist of historic and present studies of employee training. This capstone project is compiledRead MoreAsdsadsd1327 Words   |  6 Pagesothers. Those that were included in this chapter helps in familiarizing information that are relevant and similar to the present study. Foreign Literature They develop the system entitled eBarCloud. It’s an inventory management software enables you to perform web-based inventory management and cloud inventory control. It makes it easy to gather data and operate online, securely. BarCloud helps eliminate manual data entry errors and paper based files by automating the record-keeping process. The SystemRead MoreMy Plan For A Capstone Project1139 Words   |  5 PagesAt SNHU, I have acquired a lot of skills that allowed me to complete my capstone project. I have learned many concepts that help me to successfully finish with my entire program. To prepare such a capstone project, it is indispensable to have some skills and knowledge. I received that knowledge from the course I had at SNHU. I got the project management skills. I now have knowledge of the healthcare informatics. My communication skills have been ameliorated. Since the project is about the healthcareRead MoreInformation And Communications Technologies ( Ict )1576 Words   |  7 Pagesis very important in modern-day living, as seen primarily in big companies or corporations that run multi-billion-dollar ventures. IT helps strengthen companies with the existence of a set of IT personnel that are equipped with servers, database management systems, and security measures for protecting confidential information about the company (Julita, 2011). The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) the world s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources thatRead MoreHomelessness, Housing And Or Child Welfare1313 Words   |  6 Pagesparticipants through the plan. †¢ 4. Evaluated the plan by analyzing, assessing, and summarizing the results in a written evaluation/case report to be presented to the necessary stakeholders. *4. Please describe your experience/skills in planning, organizing, and prioritizing. In all of my positions I prioritized tasks in order of importance and applied time management factors to complete them efficiently. I planned and stayed organized by: -Monitoring all events -Taking copious notes -Making to doRead MoreThe Changing Role of Hr Management1106 Words   |  5 PagesThe Changing Role of HR Management University of Phoenix Human Resources Management The Changing Role of HR Management For years, businesses relied on personnel departments for the management of their employees. The primary concerns of the personnel departments included attendance records, benefits, and salary. Therefore, the personnel departments did not consider the importance of contributions a company’s employees made to the business. These contributions included such things as diversityRead MoreLiterature Review793 Words   |  4 Pagesgroup (Chavis, 2006). The plan to collect and organize literature that explains the institutional context of the capstone begins with the identification of the elements that will result from the research on retention among the adult learners, population; subsequently, the retention program will be used as part of the foundation of my capstone. From an institutional context, my capstone will focus on decreasing attrition among the adult learners’ population and increasing retention rates, which willRead MoreToyota s Global Sustainability1368 Words   |  6 PagesToyota s Global Sustainability For this Capstone Project, a foreign company (Toyota Motor Corporation) was chosen that trades on the New York Stock Exchange. This paper will outline how Toyota has become one of the world’s leading brands through the fruitful use of its global strategies. As a result, the main focus of this project will be on Toyota s global sustainability. Part One: Overview of Toyota Toyota Motor Corporation, (in short: Toyota) was founded in 1937 in Japan. It is one of the

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Evidence Based Nursing Research Practice

Question: Discuss about the Evidence Based Nursing Research Practice. Answer: Introduction: The position statement is on the topic of evidence based practice (EBP) which states that Evidence based practice (EBP) is the clinical decision making process which is based upon the best available evidence, new research findings, clinical experience and patient preferences. Nurses are expected to implement research findings into their practice, but many are not trained on how to do this. Therefore, it should not be expected that nurses are at the forefront of EBP implementation in the clinical setting. The position statement brings into focus the importance of evidence based practice in nursing. It has clearly introduced the topic by stating what evidence based practice means in nursing. Evidence based practice (EBP) is an approach to clinical practice and health issues that integrates best available evidence in making best health care decisions for patient (Grove et al., 2014). The author has precisely stated all the elements of evidence based practice in the introduction only by stating that it relies on new research findings, best available evidence, clinical experience and patients preference. Any health care professional access the research finding and current clinical guidelines related to their area of practice and then only apply the information on real world practice. Respecting patients value is also an important part of evidence based practice and the author has explicitly stated it by mentioning the word patients preference in the post. Clinical expertise is also an ess ential part of evidence based practice in which clinician utilize their cumulative experience, education on area of expertise and clinical skills to take best decision for patients for better health outcome. This whole concept was briefly stated in the post by the term clinical experience. After the introduction statement, the author has moved to stating that nurses are also expected to implement research finding in their practice. It also stated the problem that nurses are not aware of evidence based practice. However, one critical point that is missing is that the author has not emphasized on the National Competency Standard for Registered Nurse. The author has also not mentioned how evidence based practice can be implemented in health care organization and who should be involved in it. The author could have briefly stated the domain in which competency is required according to the National Competency Standard for registered nurse (Edmonds et al., 2016). The author could have mentioned the improvement in following domains to implement evidence based practice: Professional practice- It is related to demonstrating ethical and professional responsibility by demonstrating accountability in care and integrating best evidence literature in clinical practice Critical thinking and analysis- Critical thinking skills allows clinicians to reflect on their practice and experience and select appropriate resource related to individual patient situation. Coordination of care- Coordination of nursing care is also an important provision of nursing care. It includes assessment of patient, planning and evaluation of care. In relation to finding relevant evidence related to particular patient, the skill to appraise the research article and determining its usefulness in nursing practice is important. Collaborative and therapeutic practice- Therapeutic practice in the context of evidence based care will require a nurse to integrate that evidence in real patient situation (LoBiondo-Wood et al., 2013). The author has concluded by saying that nurses are not involved in implementation of evidence based care. This is in fact true. It is the role of health care organization or nursing leader to take the initiative to train staff on the importance of evidence based practice and implementing it in the organization. A short hint by the author on ways of implementation of evidence based practice in particular health organization would be an appropriate way to conclude the post. Individual position statement The call for evidence based quality improvement in the transformation of health care organization brings into the focus the issue of effective implementation of evidence based practice (EBP) in nursing facility. As the post analysis showed that the method of implementation of evidence based practice is missing in the post, the individual position statement is effective implementation of evidence based practice in health care clinic enhances the delivery of care. I feel working on this aspect is important because little attention has been paid on how to implement EBP in clinical setting. The report will explain the ways by which individual organization can redesign the system to implement EBP and practice according to National Competency Standard for Registered Nurse. It will also explain the issues faced in the implementation of this approach in nursing. It will help to identify patient safety issues and demonstrate a new way of practice that will lead to improvement in quality and p atient safety. Factors essential for evidence based practice A study by Stevens, (2013) has suggested that the critical impact of evidence-based practice across nursing practice. It emphasized the need for redesigning the system to launch an initiative to deliver evidence based practice. The factors essential for such initiative include the following: Practice adoption Alignment of nursing curricular and education Model and theory development Scientific engagement in new fields of research (Dogherty et al., 2013). The stress for EBP became evident after increased demand for safe and quality improvement in health care. For the effective implementation of EBP, the process of EBP should be adopted by individual care provider as well as policy makers too. A study on the level of adoption of EBP in nurses showed that nurses have the intention to learn about the skills related to EBP, but they face several barriers in employing it in real world practice (Aveyard Sharp, 2013).From my experience as a nurse, I also feel that integrating research in real practice is difficult as we struggle in interpreting research article. However, according to NMBA standard of nursing practice, it is critical that nurses think critically and analyses their practice. It states that engaging in therapeutic relationship is vital for nurses (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Professional standards, 2016). For comprehensive assessment of patients and delivering responsive quality nursing practice, it is important that we learn ways to integrate research in nursing practice. Thus a sophisticated implementation of EBP plan is necessary that addresses the barriers too. Barrier to implementing evidence based practice As harnessing evidence to improve nursing care is an important element of EBP, it is necessary to identify the problem that nurses and clinicians need to overcome to enjoy the benefits of best practice research. The following are the barriers and their proposed solution for implementing evidence based nursing: Nurses like me have faced problem in interpreting research finding due to the size and complexity of research data. Nursing clinic can overcome this problem by using service that synthesize information in a simple manner and present it to nurses. This will make it easier for nurses to implement the nursing care (Aveyard Sharp, 2013).According to NMBA standard of nursing practice, this practice will enable them to participate in quality improvement activities and review their practice by utilizing evidence relevant to specific area of nursing practice (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Professional standards, 2016). In case of development of policy related to evidence based nursing, policy makers may face problem in developing an accurate nursing guideline according to National Competency Standard for Registered Practice. Nursing leader or hospital executive can take action to use information system that integrates evidence with patient care. They can also take the initiative to encourage delivery of safe and effective care along with introduction of disease management system (O'Connell et al., 2014). Another problem that I have faced in my nursing practice is lack of access to best nursing research articles related to specific area of practice. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council states that nurse must show analytical skill in accessing research evidence and they should document information to use it while dealing with patients. They are also encouraged to enquire when any evidence/ research is not clear to them or when they feel their application is doubtful (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2016). Many nurses may not be aware of nursing practice guidelines set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. In such situation, it will be the responsibility of managers in the health care organization to arrange programmes that hones nurses skill to interpret research findings and also improve their performance (Abbott et al., 2013). Organization may also act as barrier because many health care clinic do not realized the importance of EBP and they do not have any regulation in place so that nurses follow the process. Even if such programme is implemented, they are not continued for a prolonged period to make the change sustainable. Nurses may also face problem even after learning the process of EBP when patients do not adhere to their nursing treatment or intervention (Polit Beck, 2013).As a nurse, I feel that we can take help from senior or colleagues and discuss regarding the implication and usefulness of research article. Effective implementation of EBP in nursing For effective implementation of EBP, nurses will require the following core competency Providing patient centered care by identifying patients preference and respecting their needs. Nurse must have effective communication skills to achieve this so that they understand the concern of patients and provide coordinated continued care. In case of situations when patients preference will lead to adverse health outcome in them, it is essential that they educate patient about the pathophysiology of the condition and the rational for proposed intervention (Hamric et al., 2013). The NMBA standard of nursing practice have also emphasized that nurses must clarify this situation of refusing care with other medical team and advocate for positive health outcome of patient despite all issues in practice (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2016). Working in interdisciplinary team is also important to coordinate and integrate EBP in nursing care. The provision of coordinated care according to National Competency Standard for Registered Nurse has also stated that coordination involves assessment of patient and then planning care. It relies on using evidence based assessment framework to collect data on overall health of patient by techniques like observation, physical assessment and interview (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2016). The National Competency Standard also recognizes the fact that clinical judgment is the key to resolving conflicts (Masters, 2015). Nurses should have the skill to integrate best evidence with nursing expertise and patient values to achieve optimum quality of care. Nursing staff should develop the competency to apply quality improvement measures by identifying hazards in any nursing intervention for particular patient. They can refer to best evidence on particular technique to simplify and standardize intervention design. They must have the attitude and seriousness to continue quality of care in all areas-such as the process and outcome in relation to patient needs (Billing et al., 2015). They should be able to utilize informatics, manage nursing knowledge related to nursing competency skill and mitigate errors by using information technology. After the above mentioned competency is achieved in nurse, they can proceed in the following ways for effective implementation of EBP in nursing cares: The first step is knowledge creation and filtering evidence based information. It will mean cultivating a spirit of inquiry. For example I will deal with patient with head injuries, I will try to critically reflect on how supine position or elevating head of bed affects intracranial pressure. Without this type of inquiry in nurses, the process of EBP cannot happen. The second effective step is asking clinical question in PICOT format. In this step, nurse can inquire about a topic based on population of interest (P), intervention (I), comparison of intervention (C), projected outcome (C) and time involved (T). It is an effective framework to retrieve research studies related to the nursing question. For example in case of rapid response from nursing staff, we can question how a rapid response team can have impact of patient outcome compared to staff not having a rapid response team? The third step is identifying the best evidence related to the question or nursing complication. This s tep becomes easier after utilizing PICOT format of framing question. I will also try to apply PICOT to aids in identifying the key words and then identifying related articles in databases like Medline or Cinahl. For the question on rapid response team, the key words can be rapid response team, acute emergency care and other similar terms. The next step would be to critically appraise the evidence. This step is essential to determine the most relevant article applicable to the clinical question (Stevens, 2013). The usefulness of an article can be evaluated by questions like are the result of research appropriate?, why are they important? and will the study finding help nurse to apply this for current patient situation? This step will be followed by integrating the information with nursing expertise and referring to patient preference and values too. Just finding the related nursing evidence is not the end of EBP process. It also requires clinical judgement based on patients diagnosti c outcome, patient assessment and patients preference. For example if there is strong evidence related to reduced signs of depression after cognitive therapy, nurse can decide on including this intervention in patient (Belnap, 2016). After application of evidence based practice in particular patients, the final step will be to evaluate the outcome based on relevant evidence. This step is crucial to monitor changes in outcome and decide whether positive or negative results have been found. In case of positive outcome, this intervention will be disseminated and in case of negative outcome, other remedy will be found out for the problem (Grol et al., 2013). Conclusion Thus, the position statement focused on the method of effective implementation of EBP in nursing practice. It stated the factors required for effective implementation of this approach and the way by which one can overcome the barrier in clinical practice. The stepwise process of implementing EBP in real nursing practice along with specific example helped in getting accurate idea for implementation such process. Therefore, the effort of both organization and nurse is required to integrate this new model in nursing care practice. Reference Abbott, P., Mc Sherry, R., Simmons, M. (Eds.). (2013).Evidence-informed nursing: A guide for clinical nurses. Routledge. Aveyard, H., Sharp, P. (2013).A Beginner's Guide to Evidence-based Practice in Health and Social Care. McGraw-Hill Education (UK). Belnap, J. (2016). Scratching the Surface: Using Informatics in Education.Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice,9(1), 164-166. Billings, D. M., Halstead, J. A. (2015).Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty. Elsevier Health Sciences. Dogherty, E. J., Harrison, M. B., Graham, I. D., Vandyk, A. D., Keeping Burke, L. (2013). Turning Knowledge Into Action at the Point of Care: The Collective Experience of Nurses Facilitating the Implementation of Evidence Based Practice.Worldviews on Evidence Based Nursing,10(3), 129-139. Edmonds, L., Cashin, A., Heartfield, M. (2016). Comparison of Australian specialty nurse standards with registered nurse standards.International nursing review. Grol, R., Wensing, M., Eccles, M., Davis, D. (Eds.). (2013).Improving patient care: the implementation of change in health care. John Wiley Sons. Grove, S. K., Burns, N., Gray, J. R. (2014).Understanding nursing research: Building an evidence-based practice. Elsevier Health Sciences. Hamric, A. B., Hanson, C. M., Tracy, M. F., O'Grady, E. T. (2013).Advanced practice nursing: An integrative approach. Elsevier Health Sciences. LoBiondo-Wood, G., Haber, J., Berry, C., Yost, J. (2013).Study Guide for Nursing Research: Methods and Critical Appraisal for Evidence-based Practice. Elsevier Health Sciences. Masters, K. (2015).Role development in professional nursing practice. Jones Bartlett Publishers. Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - (2016) Retrieved 15 September 2016, from Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Professional standards. (2016) Retrieved 15 September 2016, from O'Connell, J., Gardner, G., Coyer, F. (2014). Beyond competencies: using a capability framework in developing practice standards for advanced practice nursing.Journal of advanced nursing,70(12), 2728-2735. Polit, D. F., Beck, C. T. (2013).Essentials of nursing research: Appraising evidence for nursing practice. Lippincott Williams Wilkins. Stevens, K. (2013). The impact of evidence-based practice in nursing and the next big ideas.The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing,18(2).

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A Visit To Grandma Essay Research Paper free essay sample

A Visit To Grandma Essay, Research Paper In the short narrative A Visit to Grandmother by William Melvin Kelley a hero s Journey unfinished by the writer, convey us into the universe of a adult male who felt self feel foring and fault his female parent for the deficiency of love in his adolescence to a self confident and unafraid individual at the terminal. In this universe more attention about money than people and more concern about little things than the household unit, brings people into household treatments and defeats everyday. In the narrative A Visit to Grandmother Doctor Charles Dunford a gentle and warm adult male who overcomes the defeat of his painful yesteryear, get down his hero s journey when he decided to divide from his household at the age of 15. I wanted to travel to school. They didn Ts have a Negro school at place, so I went up to Knoxville and lived with a cousin and went to school, this was the reply of Doctor Charles Dunford when he is asked why he left place, but the truth conceal something more painful and hard to get the better of. We will write a custom essay sample on A Visit To Grandma Essay Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 30 old ages subsequently Charles decided to travel go to his college category reunion in Nashville, a category reunion that merely last a hebdomad, than after the reunion Charles have a Call to Gamble the reunion had lasted a hebdomad. As they packed for place, his male parent, in a far excessively ad-lib manner, had suggested they visit Chig s Grandmother. this unexpected determination sound to Chig, Charles boy, truly eldritch and do him believe that the college reunion was merely an alibi to travel to see his grandma. Charles ever tried to avoid the topic of his household, so nobody knew much about them, likely non even Charles. And this is how Charles starts his Hero s journey, a Hero s journey that brings him into the past and painful feelings. Relationships between brothers non ever are similar female parents would wish to be ; there would be normally battles and competition for attending or love from their parents. In this narrative Charles have a brother call GL, a brother who ever get the attending of his female parent the attending that Charles neer had. I paid head to GL, I had to.GL could-a ended up singing if I hadn t this words of Charles mother demo how she ever was more attention about GL than any of her other kids s. Of class this deficiency of attending did non do happy to Charles and do him more defeated and sad. In the tabular array Charles mother get down to state the narrative of GL and a Equus caballus that he trade it for an old chair, GL decided to take his female parent for a drive into the town, so the Equus caballus start to gallop, and the female parent said to GL now you ain t jesting with your mamma, is you? Because if you is, I ll strap your purple if I live through this. But it wasn t GL, the Equ us caballus was out of control, until his female parent stops the Equus caballus in a brave manoeuvre, his moth Er said to Charles so you don t retrieve how we all laughed and Charles answer, No, I don t Mama. And I likely wouldn Ts have laughed. I don t think it was amusing, these words of his female parent and the narrative she told in the tabular array, starts to open the concealment feelings that Charles had been concealing for a long clip. Charles did non happen this good story at all, because he knew if he did the same thing, his female parent likely would penalize him. After this it was merely a affair of clip that would do Charles state all his feelings and bitterness that he had against his household. Not state to the people we love the things that we have inside can in the long clip be painful and frustrating, and delay for Tell this feelings merely would do it worst, In this Story Charles have his ultimate roar when he decided to let go of all this feelings that he hold indoors, being this really painful, but at the same clip this spring to him alleviation and security. Charles that was ever in a defensive manner in the tabular array after hear his female parent narrative about GL and the Equus caballus, he decided to state all his concealment feelings Chig s father sat up directly as if fixing to debate. I said that if I had done it, if I had done merely precisely what GL did, you would hold beaten me good for it, Mama this is how Charles get down to state everything to his female parent, all what he field, how he felt less love and with less attending that GL s had If GL and I did something wrong, you d crush me foremost and so be excessively tired to crush him. At dinner, he d ever acquire seconds and I wouldn t. You d make things with him, like drive in that roadster, but if I wanted you to make something with me, you were ever excessively busy, with this words Charles had his ultimate roar, now Charles was free of that painful feeling that he had indoors, he now was alleviation and secure, now that after 30 old ages he decided to state everything to his female parent. In this narrative the hero s journey is non finished, because Charles refuse to return, he refuse to do everything like it was before he left place, even if his female parent attempt to do him understand, you re about 30 old ages excessively tardily, Mama after this words Charles go to his sleeping room, but this clip Charles was different, now he was self confident and unafraid about himself, he was alleviation of all his concealment feelings, now Charles was a different individual. In decision in this unfinished hero s journey Charles who separate from place at the age of 15, doesn T want to return 30 old ages subsequently when he had the chance to for give his female parent and bury everything and all his hurting, completing his hero s journey, but he doesn T privation to make that, alternatively he merely felt better stating to his female parent everything, all his concealment feelings, that make him from now on, a different individual, more confident and unafraid about himself.

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Immigration and Discrimination in the Workplace

Immigration and Discrimination in the Workplace In the 21st century, Americans have experienced the impact of a globalized economy. It can be seen in relatively easy movement of people from one country to another. In the past, immigration was seen as a positive force for nation building. However, nowadays, immigration has become a problematic issue, especially when viewed from the perspective of limited resources and job places. Another aspect of immigration that needs to be discussed is discrimination in the workplace.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Immigration and Discrimination in the Workplace specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Discrimination exists due to the stereotypes that employers and co-workers associate with a particular ethnic group. It is, therefore, important to appreciate the importance of immigrants in nation building, especially when it comes to the United States of America. The ability to see a big picture and the need to appreciate the contribut ion of immigrants to U.S. economy will reduce the incidences of discrimination in the workplace. There are two main issues when it comes to discrimination of immigrants in the workplace. First, there is the issue of competition and limited resources. The argument is that immigrants will compete with few jobs available to the unemployed. In other words, if the number of immigrants increases, there will be less jobs be available to the U.S. citizens. The source of discrimination was made even more problematic after the financial crisis that severely affected the job market in the United States. There was also the added challenge of outsourcing wherein American companies established businesses outside the country, especially in the countries with low wages. Therefore, many argued that it would not be wise to increase the number of immigrants because they would increase the competition in the jobs available in the market. As a consequence of this belief, the U.S. Federal government crea ted laws that significantly reduced the number of immigrants allowed to enter the country. At the same time, these laws gave the power to search for, apprehend and deport illegal immigrants. There is the need to find out if these fears are based on real facts. Those who oppose immigration base their argument on the following statement that â€Å"a surge of low-skilled immigrants should increase the supply of such workers, driving down wages at the expense of working-class Americans† (Parker, p.1). It is easy to understand why many Americans are anxious when it comes to the presence of immigrants that can be viewed as competitors, when it comes to the job market. However, it is much more important to see the whole picture and realize that immigrant workers are indispensable to the U.S. economy.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to analysts, immigrant workers are important because â€Å"they do jobs most Americans wouldn’t take, for wages they wouldn’t want† (Quintanilla, p.1). A restaurant may not be able to operate without a chef, but it will also go out of business without a dishwasher. Furthermore, â€Å"lower-wage labor helps create more work for higher-skilled, higher-paid workers who are generally native born† (Isidore, p.1). The report from the U.S. Department of Labor gives another proof because it says that â€Å"at least half of the nearly 2 million crop workers in the United States are illegal aliens †¦ the cheap labor they provide is crucial to the $30 billion U.S. farm industry† (Parker, p.1). It is, therefore, critical to have immigrant workers. The second issue raised when it comes to stereotypes and how they can affect the employment is discrimination in the workplace. According to the study by Paludi DeSouza, the problem is widespread, â€Å"Discrimination based on ethni c stereotyping is normative for many employees in workplaces in the United States (p.88). Therefore, at this level, discrimination can negatively affect the chances an employer will hire an immigrant. It is possible that employers can be compelled to hire immigrants because of immigration laws, but this does not mean that discrimination in the workplace is non-existent. There is a different type of discrimination that an immigrant may experience at the workplace. Consider the following statement by a victim of this type of discrimination, â€Å"When a stereotype about your group is relevant to performance in a particular domain, you are likely to experience anxiety – from feeling threatened by the perceived likelihood that others think you will not succeed and fearing that you will confirm these beliefs† (Deaux, p.84). In other words, an immigrant is less likely to be promoted if there is discrimination in the workplace. There is a need to eradicate discrimination beca use immigrants are also people that are simply driven by a common human desire and the need to pursue happiness. Therefore, if there is a political or economic problem in their homeland, it is their right to seek a better place to live in. If there is a famine in their homeland, it is natural that they go to other countries in search for better opportunities and future for their family. It is also understandable that they are eager to bring the whole family to a new country in order to build a better life. The right to immigrate can be availed during times of war, famine, and political persecution (Clark, p.26). However, the United States limits the number of immigrants that can enter and settle in this country.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Immigration and Discrimination in the Workplace specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Furthermore, U.S. laws granted certain law enforcement agencies to track down and apprehend th ose who do not have the necessary documents to stay in the country. However, the worst thing is that immigrants are treated as if they are not humans. Therefore, the locals and authorities do not respect them in the same way that they respect their friends and relatives. Another major reason why it is wrong to prevent the immigration of people can be seen in the economic and cultural benefits that diversity can bring (Hall, p.54). Consider, for instance, the contribution of the first wave of immigrants to the United States; these were Italians, Irish, Scots and others. According to the study by Hall who examined the contribution of Italian immigrants, â€Å"These people were, on the whole, peaceable and industrious, and improved the trades in which they engaged† ( p.55). A review of American history reveals that there were many immigrants who were instrumental in revolutionizing different sectors of society. Their contributions had a considerable impact on sports, film, food, telecommunications, Information Technology, engineering, and other spheres. Without their contribution, it would be impossible to imagine how the United States would have gained its status. Creation of Policies The first step in the journey towards the reduction of discrimination in the workplace is to have a clear understanding of the contribution of immigrants to the economy. The second step is to create appropriate laws and be aware of existing laws that were created to protect the rights of immigrant workers. For example, employers must realize that there exists an Immigration Act and in the said law, which states that it is illegal for an employer with three or more employees to: discriminate in hiring and firing workers, except for illegal aliens; discriminate on the basis of the person’s citizenship; retaliate against employees because they made a complaint based on immigration laws (Repa, p.478). After studying immigration laws, the next thing to do is to develop p olicies with regard to diversity in the workplace. The creation of such a policy is only possible if the employers and the co-workers understand the value of diversity in the workplace within a particular organization. Consider, for example, a scenario where there was an automotive dealership in the city where there were many Spanish and Chinese speaking people. In the said scenario, the corporate leaders of the said automotive dealership did not create a diversified team of sales representatives and supervisors. The corporate leaders did not probably realize the existence of potential customers that could not properly communicate using the English language. As a result, the potential customers are unable to express what they want.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More At the same time, the businesses in the area could not communicate what they were offering to their clients because of the language barrier. The solution to this problem would be the creation of a diversified team. A creation of a diversified team is only possible if there is a policy that allows the employers to hire Spanish and Chinese speaking sales representatives. It is not an easy task to create and develop a diversified workforce. The employers and the workers have to deal with discrimination as well as conflicts that may arise due to differences in culture. However, managers of organizations are aware of the potential of a diversified workforce to increase their revenue. It is, therefore, important to study the benefits of diversity and appreciate the contribution of immigrant workers to the society. Conclusion As mentioned earlier, discrimination is a normal reaction because people tend to have a negative perception of other individuals who came from a different country and have different culture. In other words, it is easy to judge something that a person cannot understand. Discrimination is also rooted in misunderstanding and fears. For example, many Americans are anxious that the migrant workers are taking away their jobs. However, it has been made clear that many of the immigrants in America are low-skilled workers able to do only the jobs that many Americans would not handle anyway, such as dishwashing, gardening, fruit picking. On the other hand, some immigrant workers are highly skilled and contribute to the growth of the economy. In fact, the United States achieved its progress because of the contribution of immigrants. It is, therefore, important to be aware of the importance of immigrant workers. At the same time, it is also important to be aware of current immigration laws. Furthermore, there is also the need to develop a policy with regard to diversity in the workplace. The creation of a diversified team will create a competitive advantage for the employers. For example, if a business unit does not have a Chinese-speaking representative, it will be impossible to communicate to Chinese-speaking customers. Clark, William. Immigrants and the American Dream: Remaking the Middle Class. New York: The Guilford Press, 2003. Print. Deaux, Kaye. To be an Immigrant. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2006. Print. Hall, Prescott. Immigration and Its Effects Upon the United States.  New York: Adamant Media Corporation, 2005. Print. Isidore, Chris. 2006. Illegal Workers: Good for U.S. Economy. Web. Parker, Serena. 2005. Immigrants: US Economic Savior or Social and Economic  Burden. Web. Paludi, Michele, and Eros DeSouza. Praeger Handbook of Understanding and  Preventing Workplace Discrimination. CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010. Print. Quintanilla, Carl. 2006. The Economic Impact of Immigration: Do Illegal Workers  Help or Hurt the Economy? Web. Repa, Barbara. Your Rights in the Workplace. CA: NOLO Publishing, 2010. Print.

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The reality of work and how this is similar to or differs from the Essay

The reality of work and how this is similar to or differs from the conventional image portrayed in management texts - Essay Example Specifically, the latter is a reaction to the first two theories developed by Taylor and Weber. Some popular names like Michel Foucault also surfaced in that era. His emphasis on surveillance and power made the employees â€Å"knowable, calculable and administrable object† (Findlay, 1996). This paper particularly tackles the subject of work: how it is portrayed in the management theories and how it is done in real life. With learnings from various seminars, it is our goal to come up with a comparison of theoretical and realistic notion of work. The topic will be dealt with balance on different perspectives. The concept of economies of scale gave rise to large organizations. During the Ford era, there was a transformation from â€Å"craft production to mass production† ( Two important economic theories became the foundation of efficiency: specialization and division of labor. We can trace these concepts to Adam Smith, known as the Father of modern economics. In reality, these concepts were applied through â€Å"combining specialized functional units† so that it would be â€Å"less costly to produce several products than a single specialized one† ( Frederick Taylor believed that scientific method can greatly increase productivity (Internet Center for Management and Business Administration). Anchored on the economic principle of achieving the optimum, jobs are simplified so that workers can perform them at the best way (Internet Center for Management and Business Administration). Taylor believed that workers should be taught the scientific way of performing the tasks rather than just motivating them and giving them incentives. He believes that the most basic tasks can even be planned out so as to achieve greater productivity (Internet Center for Management and Business Administration). Taylor’s idea of productivity necessitates extracting the